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1.ORDERING A RENTAL CAR: The Lessee shall in all cases provide an official order for all rentals to be charged to The Lessee. Reservations are made by cargroup and are subject to availability. Apex may supply an alternative model to those listed. Apex reserves the right to exchange the vehicle at any time. The vehicle exchange will be at the convenience of your end-user and Apex within 5 days of our request. 

2.RENTAL PERIOD: Each rental agreement is 28 days long and is referred hereafter as a Rental Period.

3.INSURANCE: The Lessee will provide comprehensive insurance for any vehicle hired from Apex, and complete an insurance Indemnity Form. Apex must hold acopy of the Lessees current insurance certificate on file. If these insurance details alter in anyway, Apex must be notified immediately. It is your responsibility to keep insurance valid and up to date at all times; this includes updating your insurance policy if an exchange or additional vehicle is supplied. 

4.DRIVERS / LICENCES: It is a legal requirement that Apex need to register valid driving license details on the rental agreement upon delivery of a vehicle.Where a vehicle is covered by customers own insurance, it is not necessary to view each individual hirers driving license. However, to comply with the Law, details of a valid license must be entered on the rental agreement. 

5. ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE: Any damage is to be reported to Apex immediately, you can carry out repairs up to £100. If the repair cost is greater than £100 then anestimate for repairs will need to be sent to Apex immediately who will then decide where the vehicle is to be repaired. The vehicle will remain on rent to The Lessee until it is repaired and in a rentable condition. Apex will always assist The Lessee in repairing a vehicle as quickly as possible, and at a competitive price. Any charge / invoice relating to an accident such as recovery charges. Road repairs etc. will be invoiced to The Lessee and is due within 7 days The Lessee is responsible for reclaiming any insured losses. If you have a vehicle repaired without prior written consent from Apex and the repairs are substandard you will be liable for any rectification costs. 

6.VEHICLE CONDITION: It is the responsibility of the Lessee or their agent to inspect the vehicle upon delivery and agree the condition of the vehicle with Apex.Upon return of the vehicle, Apex reserve the right to re-inspect the vehicle within 5 working days of collection. If any additional damage is noted, you will be informed together with photographic evidence for the Lessee to see to substantiate Apex's claim then this will be invoiced to The Lessee. Should the interior of the vehicle be excessively dirty, a valeting charge will be incurred. 

7.BREAKDOWNS / ACCIDENT: All Apex vehicles are covered by the relevant manufacturers assistance service. Should a breakdown / accident occur the drivershould contact the relevant service immediately. Upon inspection of a breakdown, if the vehicle is going to be off the road for 24 hours or more then a replacement vehicle can be provided if required, by Apex or their agent. If the breakdown is due to driver negligence/ poor driving/ accident, any expenses incurred by Apex are chargeable to The Lessee. 

8.VEHICLE MAINTENANCE: Whilst a vehicle is on rent it is the responsibility of The Lessee to ensure that oil and water levels are checked regular andreplenished to recommended levels when necessary. The costs of these items are the responsibility of The Lessee. The Lessee must also ensure that both tyre condition and pressures are checked regularly. It is your responsibility to repair or replace windscreen/glass damage and keep the vehicle in good condition at all times. Should any fault occur in the running of the vehicle, it is the responsibility of The Lessee to notify Apex immediately to prevent further damage. All vehicles are fully maintained, as a new vehicle will be supplied every 3 to 5 months regardless of rental period. 

9.VEHICLE CHANGEOVER: A vehicle will need to be exchanged for a new one within 5 days when requested by Apex. If a vehicle exchange is cancelled within48 hours of the date arranged an abortive penalty may be charged. 

10.MILEAGE: You will need to select the mileage allowance at the start of your hire for each Rental Period. Excess mileage over that is charged at £0.50 per mile,for 7 & M Series excess mileage is charged at £1.50 per mile. Excess mileage is chargeable after every vehicle exchange and vehicle off-hire. Excess miles will be calculated by multiplying the days of hire (from first day of hire to date of exchange or off-hire) by the relevant mileage allowance. Apex must be notified once the vehicle odometer has covered 9,000 miles. If the vehicle is driven in excess of 10,000 miles on the odometer without the prior written consent of Apex, excess mileage will be charged at £1.00 per mile for all vehicles other than 7 & M Series which will be £2.00 per mile.

11.PETROL: If a vehicle is returned with less than the reading as recorded on the rental agreement, the refueling cost, to the recorded level, plus a servicecharge, equivalent to £0.15 per litre on pump prices, will be made and charged to The Lessee. Under Customs & Excise rules, the total cost of this service is subject to VAT. Any petrol used during delivery and collection will also be charged at the above rate. 

12.PARKING CHARGES / FINES: Any Parking Tickets, Speeding Fines, Congestion Charges & Bus Lane Offence Fines incurred during the rental period will bethe responsibility of The Lessee, any such charges will be billed together with an administration fee of £25.00 + VAT. The renter is responsible for any parking charges and fines or towing fees incurred once the vehicle is delivered and until collected by a representative of Apex. Any vehicles left in a car park and not returned to an agreed location will be subject to collection, towing and or parking charges. 

13.DELIVERY & COLLECTION: Free of charge for bookings over 3 months in England, Apex will advise of delivery & collection charges for shorter periods and inother areas of the United Kingdom. Apex will specify a delivery / collection day but are unable to specify a time. The Lessee must be present both for collection and delivery of the vehicle or if a company a representative must be available for signature of all necessary paperwork and to agree the condition of the vehicle. Failure to do so will result in all noted damage becoming the Lessees responsibility and being recharged to the Lessee. 

14.INVOICING / PAYMENT: All Easy Fleet vehicles are supplied on a non credit basis. Payment for all Easy Fleet invoices are due 7 days in advance of eachRental Period. 

15.VEHICLE TERMINATION: To off-hire a vehicle we require a minimum of 7 working days written confirmation acknowledged by Apex prior to the start of a new28 day rental period. Unless we received this confirmation Apex will automatically renew the agreement on an ongoing basis. Terminated vehicles can only be collected on Weekdays ( Monday - Friday ) and not at weekends ( Saturday & Sunday ) as our offices are closed. 

16.VEHICLE PRICING: If you select a 3 Rental Period discounted rate and the vehicle is returned early, the minimum charge is 3 rental periods. If you select a 6Rental Period discounted rate and the vehicle is returned early, the minimum charge is 3 rental periods and will be charged at the 3 Rental Period Rate. 

17.ABORTIVE BOOKING CHARGES: If you book a vehicle with Apex then cancel the vehicle before delivery a charge will be made for the first 28 day rentalperiod. This charge will also apply if for any reason you book a vehicle then fail to comply with our Terms and Conditions. 

18.CALL RECORDING: Apex Car Rental records and monitors telephone calls for training and security.

19.VARIATIONS TO THIS AGREEMENT: All the terms and conditions outlined in this document will apply at all times unless agreed in writing by Apex. Apexreserve the right to amend the procedure and / or charges set out in this agreement from time to time. Such changes to the procedures and / or charges will be notified to the Renting Company in writing. 

20. AGREEMENT: The Lessee agrees to the terms as detailed above in this agreement.

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